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Every dog needs time to explore....

Dog Walking:

Our dog walks will be fun filled, exercising your dog both physically and mentally. We use the environment in our walks, such as stretching on logs, railings, rocks etc to help build your dogs body awareness and in return, build their confidence. All our walks incorporate a treat find, so it becomes a nice, slow down and relaxing environment for your dog, where they get to use their nose. An all round experience.

Rest assured we will treat your dog as our own, we are animal lovers and we will treat your pet as one of our family. We will take a 30+ minute walk and then ensure that your dog is settled happily back at home after a rub down, fresh bowl of water and cuddles. 

On hot days or for older dogs that may be convalescing etc, we use brain games, activity mats, treat searches and Snuffle mats to give your dog an enrichment session. These sessions are great for tiring your dog out mentally, sensory and physically. Leaving you a nice, chilled, sleepy dog - a contented dog. No groups, just walking with me. We also carry water and a bowl for those dogs that need a break and drink.

A meet and greet session with us and your dog is compulsory before services are undertaken. This enables you and us to discuss requirements and build a relationship with your dog. If you also want to incorporate some basic training then we can also offer this. We offer dog walking services for between 30 minutes – hour, this is your dog's walk and as such we adjust the time to suit them.

Due to the rising number of pet thefts sweeping the country, we may wear a discreet body camera. This is for the safety of your dog and ourselves. 

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