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Padding Paws Pet Services - Swindon

Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Services (we pet sit for dogs,cats and small animals)

Tel: 07810 094041

Email: [email protected]

We follow the Professional Dog Walking Guidelines as endorsed by Dog's Trust, RSPCA, PIF & CFSG

Padding Paws is recommended by a Vet recommended Trainer and Behaviourist.

Price Listing:

Dog Walking

30 mins - 1 hour from £15 (1 dog) Mon - Fri. Weekend = £17.50

30 mins - 1 hour from £17.50 (2 dogs) Mon - Fri. Weekend = £20

Daily Visit from:

A 'pop in' visit once a day during normal working hours

£15.00 per visit (Mon-Fri). Weekend = £15.00 (from)

(If outside working hours then rate will be increased.)

Pet Sitting:

Visiting 2/3 times a day, additional visits will be charged at a £10.00 rate

1 Dog from - £25

2+ dogs from - £30

Cats and small animals from £20 for 1-2 cats 

Please note that Padding Paws is closed over the Christmas and New Year period.