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Padding Paws Pet Services

Dog Walking

Tel: 07810 094041


We follow the Professional Dog W​alking Guidelines as endorsed by Dog's Trust, RSPCA, PIF & CFSG

Padding Paws is recommended by a Vet recommended Trainer and Behaviourist.

Looking for a reputable dog walker. 

Looking for helpful hints and tips on what to look for and ask to get the best for your dog - 

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Padding Paws Pet Services provides a bespoke professional, caring alternative tailored service to ensure your pet receives the exercise and care they need. We believe that a dog walk should not be a regimented route march, but an enriching thrill for your dog; this IS the dog's walk. 

We believe that a dog walk should be about encouraging your dog to be able to experience enriching environments - giving them the time to sniff at things, roll in the grass, use the environment such as stretching up on things, climbing on rocks etc to improve a dog's body confidence. A dog should be able to use their senses on their walk. A well balanced enriched walk, helps dogs to relax and manage better in our world. A contented dog is a happy dog!!

The enrichment environment is not just for a dog, other animals can enjoy enriched environments and chances of play, cuddles too.

Would you like a quote, general information? (Please provide details on location, dates, number of pets order for us to give you a more specific quote) Use our Contact form.

We hope to see you soon! 

Please note that we do not publish pictures on our Facebook page of your dogs and where they have been walked, this is for your dog's security and ours.

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Ridgeway Panorama

Panoramic view of the Ridgeway, near Ashbury House

Emily, with Tally and Ash

Enjoying an Ashbury Woods walk.

Ella after exercise.

A satisfied customer!

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