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Terms & Conditions

1. Submission of a Form will confirm your acceptance of the Booking Terms and Conditions and your desire to

progress with the booking.

2. Please note that prices quoted for dog walking services are as per the duration listed on the PRICES page. Payment for the services of Padding Paws must be made on receipt of invoice.

3. No cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations made between the initial booking and 15 days prior to

the start date of the service, however cancellations made between day 7 - 14 before the start of the service

are made on the understanding that a 50% fee will be incurred. Cancellations made between days 3-6 will be charged at 75% of fee.

Cancellations/amendments made between day two and the day of the service will be charged at the full day rate.

Please note: cancellations for Pet Sitting must be made by email however telephone calls will be accepted in certain circumstances.

4. Dogs must be sociable with other dogs, people and children. Padding Paws are unable to accept dogs with

aggression problems towards other dogs or people and are subject to the terms of the Dangerous Dogs Act


5. Dogs must be leash-trained and safe to walk, without undue pulling.

6. Dogs must be up to date with all worm and flea treatment. Padding Paws will ask to see vaccinations cards for all dogs;

this can be shown at the time of the initial visit. We also ask that your pets are in general good health.

7. Please ensure that leads, collars, harnesses etc., are in good condition and fit correctly to ensure your pet's

safety at all times.

8. Should any veterinary advice or treatment be necessary during your absence no matter how it was incurred,

you will be entirely responsible for paying the bill.

9. You must advise us of any behavioural problems your pet may have before we take charge of them.

10. You agree to supply enough food for the duration of the pet sitting plus any toys which will help settle your

pet. If insufficient food is supplied at the start of the pet sitting service you agree to refund the costs incurred to

purchase more food plus 10%.

11. If your pet damages any item in your home whilst Padding Paws are pet sitting, we will not be held liable.

12. If your pet damages other people’s property whilst they are in Padding Paws care, you agree to pay all costs incurred.

13. All dogs will remain leashed unless prior agreement and written permission has been received from you.

14. We reserve the right to use our personal judgment to cut short a walk in the best interests of your dog and us, e.g. weather conditions,

injury, mobility issues, age of dog etc.. If we terminate a visit due to an issue, it will still be charged at the full rate.

15. If we are injured by your pet during our visit, you will be notified by text, followed up by an email. Should that injury be one that requires medical attention, eg. Pulled muscles, bites, scratches etc then we reserve the right to terminate services and charge for loss of earnings and injury claims.

16. We reserve the right to decline or terminate a booking.

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